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Nano Active Film

Nano Active Film Ltd is an academic Spin-Off of the University of Salerno founded in 2010, that operates in the sector of new materials based on polymers, for applications in agri-food, pharmaceutical and health product field.

The company has developed a nanoporous polymeric absorbent (nanoporous syndiotactic polystyrene) which has absorbent properties against specific molecules and in particular has the property of being selective in the absorption of molecules on the basis of their size and polarity. The forms of nanoporous s-PS have already been patented by the proponents of the project (WO 2005012402 A1, WO 2008023331 A3) and was also deposited, directly from the company, a specific patent for the realization of active packaging based on syndiotactic polystyrene (PCT/EP2011/074227).

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